Music's Edge Rock Camp, Day 1 (Monday): Load-in, chaos, set-up, chaos, check-in, chaos, introductions, chaos, auditions (kids amazingly supportive, cheering every fellow camper), chaos, grouping-up, chaos, plugging-in, chaos.
All you can do is catch the wave and ride that inertia through to Saturday afternoon.

Insanely large attendance. And there are no more hidden rooms left here at the WOW Hall to stuff kids into.
So far, my kids want to play, Cyndi Lauper, Eurythmics, Lorde, The Clash, AC/DC (big surprise), Elvis, CCR, and Bohemian Rhapsody. Although our singer is a young lady, a natural crossover talent, and capable pulling off Taylor Swift with flying colors, she resoundingly vetoed. Shucks.

My two youngest come bearing acoustic guitars. I have two keyboard players, and 3 drummers. (No bass player, but plenty of volunteers for one song each.)

For lunch break guest speakerage/performance:  Tim McLaughlin and Kurt Catlin brought in the HiFi Music Hall House Band, to show how the Wednedsay Night Funk Jam works. (Thanks T.j. Martin-Lokey, James & Graham.). Things heated up as the kids took over — almost seamlessly — and jammed one out themselves.