Music's Edge began as a unique music program that was created by Tim McLaughlin in 2004. The camp resides at the WOW Hall and this is mutually beneficial to McLaughlin and the venue. The WOW Hall had been trying to host more educational programs, and Tim was looking for a new venue as a home for Music’s Edge that had a community feel, an awesome performance space, and some real rock n roll grime to it! 2017 will be the 10th year that the WOW Hall has hosted Music's Edge, and before that the program existed at the Shedd for three years. Tim's main motivation with Music's Edge was to offer a music program like no other and give up-and-coming musicians opportunities he only dreamed of when he was that age.






There are many music camps that teach musicians how to play better music, but Tim wanted to go beyond that. Creating a full set of non-stop music, and performing with confidence and charisma on a big stage with huge sound and lights was one opportunity Tim wanted to offer. To be able to play a “festival-style” set on an outdoor stage is also an important experience to have, and the Saturday Market, Whiteaker Block Party, and Lane County Fair has given that break to Music’s Edge musicians.

There is an immense amount of behind-the-scenes work that has to be done by any successful musician, and it is really hard to figure that stuff out because it is not often explained. How do you communicate with sound guys and understand what to listen for with stage sound? How do you develop a press kit and talk to booking agents in order to book gigs. How do you get on the radio? How do you deal with band drama and problems that arise in a band setting? How do I craft lyrics to my song, and vice versa? How do you get fans? How does our band prepare for a recording session? 

The hardest part to answering all these questions is there is no one answer to any of them. So from the beginning Tim reached out to the music community and hand picked special guests to come every day to Music’s Edge and spend 45 minutes or more with discussions and performances -- to really give an education in being a street-smart musician from a variety of vantage-points. This has been a very valuable aspect of the program and Tim is very grateful to all the Music’s Edge special guests.

Music's Edge has also benefited from having some amazing instructors that are not only music educators, but also world-class performers and recording artists. This has included Zak Johnson, John Shipe, Ehren Ebbage, John Raden, Larry Wayte, Josh Britten, and Steve Weems..  

Music’s Edge shows no signs of stopping as it continues to grow every year. It has been amazing to see some of the older Music’s Edge students go on to great college music programs, have successful bands, and continue with having music in their lives. If Music’s Edge helped even just a little bit with those achievements, then Tim couldn’t be happier. Sometimes just keeping your focus and never quitting really pays off. And just remember the Music’s Edge motto… “Be cool to people and play good music.”