“Caroline, your amp sounds weird again.”

Music's Edge Rock Camp, Day 4 (Thursday — Band Name Decision Day)

“Caroline, your amp sounds weird again.”
”That’s cause Jack is sitting on it and changing the knobs with his butt.”
”Jack are you a butt-knob-changer?”
”Ha! We should be the Butt-Knob-Changers!”
”Yeah!!!” (Resoundingly.). “Or just the Butt-Knobs!”
”Ok, kids, so run on home and tell your parents that I let you call yourselves the Butt-Knobs. And I’ll put it on the poster under your band photo.”
They decided on “Iguana Gods,” and proceeded to rock, making it all the way through each of our five tunes — with each drummer. (Jessie, the beginner, has found the beat and justifies Elvis.). 
There has not been a moment of bickering, nor one negative comment about mistakes. At first I wondered that this was a matter of indifference. But they’re just a kind group of kids.
I fulfilled my traditional promise of caffeinated, sugary sodas on Thursday — as a reward for plowing through the first half of the difficult week (w/ parents’ permission.) All hell broke loose around 2:00pm, which is good for Elvis & Guns & Roses, but is not so good for Fleetwood Mac.