Session II, Day 4 (Thursday): With the structures nailed down, we're focusing on details...

Music's Edge Rock Camp, Session II, Day 4 (Thursday):

With the structures nailed down, we're focusing on details. The group takes frequent breaks while I take individuals aside for performance pointers. (I witness their comfort & confidence increase with their understandings.)

Guest roving vocal coach Melody Bell spirited 3 of my singers away for private sessions. When they returned for Bon Jovi, they lifted the band to new level. Also, Thursday is Soda-Day, and the caffeine-sugar was kicking in. This will be the show-stopper; the most joy happens in this Hall-of-Fame tune.

Andrew, who volunteered to belt out Bob Seger, is a glorious surprise. Lest we harm his voice, he sings it an octave lower in the morning. In the afternoons, he smashes it.

Izzi discovered that she can use a pick instead of fingers, and suddenly she enjoys playing the bass, instead of wrestling with it. And it's in the pocket.

There are misgivings about the band name. And opinions are be dividing by gender. I foresee an emergency caucus. 

Meanwhile, there is a lead guitarist in Tim McLaughlin's group who is probably better than me. Last session, when they played Santana, I wasn't sure. But this session, as they play the Holy Grail of classic cover tunes, I'm sure. (Vid to prove it after the show.) She will be a sophomore.

In keeping with this week's trend of extreme variety and talent, Kelly Thibodeaux was our guest performer/speaker, showing off tunes from Kelly Thibodeaux and Etouffee (with the help of other instructors.) Fun watching the kids head-bang (sorta) to Cajun fiddle.
Kelly told his tale of giving up on electrical engineering to become a fiddler, as a young man. To which his Dad replied, "But you don't even fiddle."

"I know, but that's what I want to do."
"But you like to eat, dontchya?"