Session II, Day 2 (Tuesday): Very productive. By the 2:30 band meeting...

Music's Edge Rock Camp, Session II, Day 2 (Tuesday):

Very productive. By the 2:30 band meeting, we had our 5 tunes, with the possibility of adding a ballad. We got our grooves, endings, fancy parts decided, solos assigned, and arrangements edited to suit our strengths and limitations. 3rd year guitarist Owen says we are farther along than usual by this time.
This session's theme is 1978 -- any 40 year-old charting song. I came up with Bob Seger. (To which Niko quips, "Is it a tradition that we have to do some ancient tune?" referring to last session's Elvis installment.)

It's another cooperative group, wiling to take on assignments. 
Features so far:
Caroline & Owen doing twin leads on Springsteen.
Female lead vocals on Bon Jovi. Also, 80's synthesizer chords by Izzi (my third "Izzi" this decade.)
Honky Tonk piano by Rui on AC/DC.  
More to come.

The guest performer/speaker was outrageous.  The Quick & Easy Boys with Jimmy Russell & Tyrone Hendrix (prolific professional who works for Stevie Wonder). Never seen the kids so blown away by the Lunch-Time jams. Jimmy brought up every single drummer -- one-by-one -- to slam away for a bunch of measures during one song.
The flame alight beneath this week's camp is a bonfire.