Session II, Day 1 (Monday). Over 50 kids! We added a 6th grown-up

Music's Edge Rock Camp, Session II, Day 1 (Monday):

Over 50 kids! We added a 6th grown-up -- former camper Philip Michael Etherington (home from Berklee College of Music). We set up his group on the patio. (Where I used to teach until I moved 'em into the Green Room.)

During the big meeting, "Clipboard-Tim" (formerly "Two-Phones Tim McLaughlin) asked an important question: "Has the term "headbanging" completely given way to "moshing." Answer: 
They are interchangeable. However, "moshing" is over 25 years old, and could stand replacement. One student gave me the task. (Kids, I live with teen girls, and I am palpably aware that I should be allowed nowhere near your slang.)

For the auditions, we split this huge group into two. So I only witnessed the guitarists. (Downstairs.)
We've been happy about ever-increasing female participation; this session's top 3 lead guitarists are girls.

Of my of nine young musicians, 5 are returning kids. (And one of them is the raw beginner Jesse from last week!) No bass players again -- but 3 volunteers.
As usual, the they want to play their parent's/grandparent's record collection. One new student is good classical pianist from Hong Kong, with no Rock preferences at this time. I might be challenged to keep him engaged.

By the time we got this child-labor-exploiting musical sweatshop up & running, we had time to touch upon only one song -- a familiar Bruce Springsteen tune. Very promising -- loud and shouty. 

About the guest performer/speaker: (Marv Ellis Official and Emily Turner Music.) The Eugene rapper of Marv Ellis & WE Tribe -- always adds so very much to the camp. Inspires while instructing in some detail. This time he brought his partner Emily who played Upright Bass, who looped her soulful voice and beats created by tapping on a ukulele. Together they made beautiful songs right before our very ears. (You'll see vids, I promise.)
Valuable Takeaway: Marv began progressing most mightily when he discovered he could rap like he talked. Like he's from Eugene and not pretending to sound like he's from the East Coast. He is a Eugene rapper. Quality flows from authenticity.