Big Show Re-Cap

Music's Edge Rock Camp, Big Show Re-Cap (Part 1 — My Group, “Iguana Gods”)

Sound Check: Graduated from tiny practice amps to 100-Watt monsters. 2 full drum kits now. Co-operating w/ sound-techs while panicking, shouting worries all at once. In 15 minutes, we re-tune 4 guitars & bass, adjust amps, find several settings on 2 keyboards, lyrics & chords-charts for all. (Jack uses a capo, so he needs different chords.) Adjust drums and stool heights for little guys. (Thanks to the gracious aid of the older kids — a special trait of this camp.)
Ran through 2 partial songs. Fear melted away. No reassuring pep talk in the Green Room. “Ready as we’ll ever be.” Rule One, Have Fun. Rule 2: “Drums don’t break for others’ mistakes.”

1) Opener — ”Royals” by Lorde, established Charlie’s pleasant voice, which owned The WOW Hall. Band-Energy that was lacking in the rehearsals showed up to fill the big stage. (2 drummers now — Marston & Niko kicking our butts.) Huge applause with palpable effect.
2). ”Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. Not the group‘s favorite, but solid. Dueling solos from Kian & Caroline. Great band dynamics — Kyler was key with his varied acoustic strumming. They chose a dramatic clipped ending instead of fade out. Crowd roar.
3) “Jailhouse Rock.” Silas did Elvis, head-banging to crowd delight. Young Jessie, animated, drummed on the big riser for his first-ever show. (My proudest moment of the week.) Niko jumped behind the keys for a honky-tonk style solo.
4) “Sweet Dreams” impressive as the tunes got more complex. Transitions & breaks perfect. Mistakes in word/section order went undetected as the band followed themselves and my cueing confidently to the haunting final vocal note. Young Jack remembered to capo himself, and nailed it! (Another proud moment for me... that he relented and joined the show... and had fun. He‘ll be here next year.)
5) Big Closer — ”Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Caroline faltered on the opening difficult riffs, but the band came in powerfully. She reprised the licks later in the song, flowing nicely. Leo, (normally keyboards) played bass, barely familiar with the notes, pushed the momentum with power. We truncated this tune, climaxing hugely after the heavy solo section (Caroline).
Amid ensuing arena-worthy cheers, and Charlie shouting “Iguana Gods!” my kids looked kind of stunned.
It always amazes me.
Stay tuned for Part Two, the other bands. (Tim McLaughlinKurt CatlinDan Mahoney, and Other John.)