Music's Edge Rock Camp, Day 1 (Monday): Load-in, chaos, set-up, chaos, check-in, chaos, introductions, chaos, auditions (kids amazingly supportive, cheering every fellow camper), chaos, grouping-up, chaos, plugging-in, chaos.
All you can do is catch the wave and ride that…


Rock Camp Day #4: A very special day, the home stretch

Rock Camp Day #4: A very special day, the home stretch.

I brought in a personal guest instructor, Isabel (from the duo "Izzi & Margo"). At 15 years old, she's a veteran of 3 or 4 Rock Camps -- vocals,…


Rock Camp Day #2: Oh goodness!

Rock Camp Day #2: Oh goodness! Out of 7 boys, two of them are twins... with a third younger brother in the group. And two others are also brothers. So, 5 out of seven band members are working with…


Rock Camp Day #1: Auditions

Rock Camp Day #1:

Part 1, Auditions: I like our new method -- all kids in the big room, instead of segregating by instrumentation. Some of the kids auditioned together, as duos, trios, and ensembles. And they generously applauded…