Day 5 (Friday — Day of Show)

Music's Edge Rock Camp, Day 5 (Friday — Day of Show)

We practiced like we’re on stage. No Noodling! We practiced introductions and thanking the sound crew. We practiced the silence between songs. We ran the set w/ Niko on drums — without stopping, regardless of mistakes. Then w/ Marston on drums. Then Jessie, who has become animated. We isolated the beginnings, endings (rumbles and/or clip-offs), transitions. Then we ran the set backward twice.

We took a break to talk about wardrobe. (Green, because we’re Iguana Gods.)

The trick to increasing the enthusiasm is to give every stagecraft idea a fair chance. It’s only rock-n-roll, and it’s supposed to be fun.
A bit of second-guessing reared it’s head: “Why do you keep treating this (Lorde song) like it’s AC/DC, when it’s really...?”
”Cause we have four electric guitars, and we sound best when we are rockin’ out, so slap that bass like you’re mad it it.”
Confidence supplants trepidation, and our youngest dude now wants to take the stage with his band mates.
At 2:30, after our last giant note, I had Charlie announce: “We’re ready as we’ll ever be.” A fine motto.
...One last side note: The kids took it upon themselves to carry all the practice equipment downstairs into storage for the next session. “...Kids these days... huh?”