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Rock Camp Day #4: A very special day, the home stretch


I brought in a personal guest instructor, Isabel (from the duo "Izzi & Margo"). At 15 years old, she's a veteran of 3 or 4 Rock Camps -- vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. She gave the boys a talking-to (tough love). Highlights from her speech: "Sometimes you don't like the song, but that's how life works.... ... I'm a diehard Taylor Swift fan; do you think I wanted to play all that metal that boys wanted to play?" (I choked on my laughter.) Then she confessed that she enjoyed Ozzy's "Crazy Train."


Rock Camp Day #3: Heaven & Hell, Up & Down, Dark & Light...


Okay. I should have known. On Monday, at our first "band meeting," the boys unanimously agreed that they love Led Zeppelin. But there are two Zeppelins. There is "wicked Zeppelin", and there is "happy Zeppelin." For example, there is "No Quarter," and then there is "Thank You." And when 7 boys, with an average age of 11, say they want to play Zeppelin, they are talking about the former, not the latter.


Rock Camp Day #2: Oh goodness!


So, we were working on our "cowbell song" (Santana). And I was encouraging our singer to let the groove simmer between sections -- not to hurry into the next verse as soon as the chorus ends. I told him: "Step away from the mic, dance a little bit, have some fun, walk to the edge of the stage and raise your rock-n-roll fist at your buddies, and POINT TO THE GIRL YOU LIKE in the audience..."
Everybody started giggling. And I was thinking "What?... What did I say that was so damn funny."

The singer's older brother looked at me sympathetically and said: "You do know that he's NINE, don't you? And he doesn't like girls."

Okay then.


Rock Camp Day #1: Auditions

Rock Camp Day #1:

Part 1, Auditions: I like our new method -- all kids in the big room, instead of segregating by instrumentation. Some of the kids auditioned together, as duos, trios, and ensembles. And they generously applauded one another after each performance, like a show. Such an exciting way to kick things off. Plus we got a couple of extra non-rock instruments -- flute and cello -- which always spices things up.